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Welcome to the SolutionLibrary, the source for problem-specific study material. This is the place where students turn to instantly download step-by-step explanations to academic concepts and problems.

Available 24/7, our database of 200,000+ solutions covers material from high school through to post-graduate university and every subject, even the most obscure.

Graduate-Level Experts:

All of our custom-made content was developed by graduate-level experts, tutors and professors from the top universities in the world. Now you can download and study with them as you prepare for assignments and exams!

How it works:

SolutionLibrary.com is easy to use. Right here on this website, you can search and browse through our database of academic problems, add those that you want to an online shopping cart, and then, after a brief payment process, view them instantly. You will not even need to create an account - all you need is an email address! A more detailed explanation is offered below:

  1. Search and Browse.
    Using keywords and phrases, search for the topic that you need help with. Browse through the search results and click the blue "View Details" button to read the entire problem. Attachments associated with each problem may be downloaded and viewed before choosing whether the solution is needed.

  2. Add Solutions to your Shopping Cart.
    When you find a solution you want, you may add it to your Shopping Cart and continue browsing, or download it instantly. If you click on the green "Add to Shopping Cart" button, you will be shown the green Shopping Cart overlay with the solution you chose added. You may then continue searching or return to the results of your previous search by closing the Shopping Cart overlay, or by clicking on the main part of the screen.

  3. Checkout and Pay.
    At any point, you may opt to Checkout by clicking on the large orange button at the top-right corner of the screen, or the orange text link at the bottom of your Shopping Cart.

    If when searching you find a solution you want, and you know that you will not want any others, you can speed up the process by clicking the orange "Download" button. This will add the solution to your shopping cart and take you to the "Checkout" screen.

    On the orange Checkout overlay, you will see a summary of the solution(s) you wish to purchase, along with the total purchase price. Enter your email address (be sure it is accurate!), the country in which you live, and then click on the green "Continue to Payment Page" button.

    You will be taken to the website our verified payment processing partner, PayPal™.

  4. View your Solutions.
    After entering your credit card payment information, you will be returned to our website. All of the solutions you purchased will now be shown on the screen. You may browse through each and download any attachments that might be found.

    You will also be sent an email with a link to this page. This link will remain active for seven (7) days during which time you may return our site and view the solutions.

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The SolutionLibrary contains solutions in 27 subject areas, ranging from the high school level, through college and university, to post-graduate complexity. We offer solutions in:

What if I'm not satisfied with a solution?

We aim to ensure that all of our student customers are satisfied with their experience on our website and the solutions that are downloaded. If you are not satisfied, email us at [email protected]. If your point has merit, we will offer you a complimentary download so that you may find something else that is more to your liking.


If you have any questions about The Solution Library, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. It's likely that your question has already been answered.


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