Analyze artwork to form conclusions about formal qualities, contexts, intents, and meanings.

You are creating a kiosk, which will run a slide show of famous works of sculpture. You are gathering your thoughts to include for the slide show narration. Two of the works you are including in the display are Pietás. Compare Michelangelo's Pieta, to the German Pieta, commonly known as the Rottgen Pietta.

In your opinion, what is the artist trying to convey in each of these two very different interpretations? For example, you might compare and contrast the approaches used by each of these two artists, the symbolism, the materials used, the pose, and the facial expressions. What bearing do you think the different centuries had upon the two very different approaches? The German Pieta is from the Late Gothic period. Michelangelo was an Italian Renaissance artist. How do differing regional influences and differing time periods affect the artworks produced?

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