Creative Writing Budget Trip Plan

The goal of the contest is to encourage people to travel internationally. In order to reach this goal, we are asking contestants to plan their ideal vacation using a fixed budget of $5,000! The winner will have the chance—and the money—to make their travel dreams a reality. There will be many submissions, and each has many parts.

Therefore, you need to make your submission as clear and easy to understand as possible to stand out from the crowd and win the grand prize.

1. You have 5,000 U.S. dollars to spend on your trip. Your proposed travel budget may not be supplemented by outside sources, such as gifts or personal savings.
2. All travel must be outside the United States and you must visit at least three different countries on your trip.
3. Use a spreadsheet to create an itemized budget in U.S. dollars of all major expenses for your proposed travel. Your spreadsheet should display the formulas used to calculate each expense. For each person traveling, include estimated costs for:
❏ Transportation, including airfare
❏ Accommodations
❏ Food
❏ Sightseeing and excursions
❏ Home expenses (child care, pet sitting, etc. if applicable)
The spreadsheet should include currency calculation formulas that show how you converted foreign currency (such as euros or Canadian dollars) into U.S. currency.
4. Create three charts or graphs that show:
● What percentage of your total budget will be devoted to transportation, accommodations, food and sightseeing/excursions
● What percentage of your time will be spent on different activities (such as sightseeing and travel)
● How long you plan to stay in various countries and how much money you will spend in them
5. Create a document that includes the three charts or graphs from step 4, details about your trip and an explanation of your budget.

Note: Part 6 from the attachment is not answered.

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