aerobic respiration of glucose

I Ddescribe the biochemical pathways in the aerobic respiration of glucose and where each takes place within the cell.

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2. The tricarboxylic acid cycle (TCA) (also known as the Krebs' cycle and citric acid cycle) is not found in prokaryotes, however the pathway is nearly identical in higher plants and animals. The eight enzymes involved in the tricarboxylic acid cycle are contained within the solute of the mitochondrial matrix while succinate dehydrogenase is bound to the inner membrane of the mitochondria. This allows succinate dehydrogenase to play a dual role in both the TCA cycle and the electron transport chain, catalyzing reactions in both pathways.

In the TCA cycle, pyruvate is further oxidized to create reducing equivalents (8 NADH, FADH2), 2 ATP, and CO2. The enzymes involved in the TCA cycle are the same in both ...