DNA encodes proteins

Double stranded DNA isolated from a bacteriophage has a molecular weight of 2.1x10E8 Da.

(1) Using this information, how many amino acids would this DNA encode?

(2) How many different proteins could be encoded by this DNA, if the protein molecular weight is 69 kDa?

These ideas are depicted.

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Solution Preview

...airs in the DNA would be:

(2.1 x 10E8 Da per DNA strand) / (618 Da per nucleotide pair) = 3.4 x 10E5 nucleotide pairs

To calculate the number of "triplet codons", divide the total number of nucleotide pairs by 3.

3.4 x 10E5 / 3 = 1.1 x 10E5 codons = 1.1 x 10E5 ...