Enzyme Kinetics: Understanding the Henri-Michaelis-Menten equation/model.

An enzyme with a Km of 0.36 mM was assayed using substrate concentrations of 3 x 10E-7 M, 9.5 x 10E-5 M, 1.5 x 10E-4, 1.16x10E-3, 3 x 10E-3 M, 0.01 M, 0.08 M. At a substrate concentration of 0.08 M, the initial velocity was 192 nM/min. Calculate the initial velocity at each of the other substrate concentrations. Graph the calculated velocities using the Henri-Michaelis-Menten model.

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...he Henri-Michaelis-Menten equation (which I will refer to as the HMM eq'n from now on). The HMM equation is shown below.

where, v = initial velocity
[S]=concentration of substrate
Vmax=maximum velocity of the enzyme
Km=Michaelis constant=[S] when v=(Vmax/2)

In the question, you are given various [S], and asked to calculate a value for v at each [S]. You are also given Km, but not Vmax. If you had a value for Vmax, you could easily calculate v at each [S], by substituting the apprpriate values in to the HMM equation.

So how can you find Vmax? Use the information given for the ...