Question about Cell signaling

CA2+, IP3, and cAMP have all been described as second messengers. In what ways are their mechanisms of action similar? In what ways are they different? If you were comparing the molecular structure of kinesin and dynein, which part (heads or tails) would you expect to be most similar between them? Why?

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... ion channels in the plasma membrane or be released from the sarcoplasmic reticulum it is dependent on electrochemical concentrations.
These second messengers can have the ultimate purpose of either catalyzing biochemical reactions or activating downstream effectors such as kinase cascades. It may be important to discuss what happens next ie. how IP3 contributes to protein kinase C pathways. Also, think about secondary products that result from the formation of second messengers for example IP3 and Diacylglycerol (DAG).
Probably the most important point you should make is to involve the cross-talk that is an inherent part of molecular signalling. Cross-talk means the augmentation (essentially increasing) or attenuation (essentially decreasing) of other second ...