Analyzing Western Blots, etc.

I took photographs of 3 stains: SDS-PAGE analysis of C. elegans protein extract (Coomassie Blue Staining), Western Blot of C. Elegans protein, and Indirect Immunofluorescence Staining. There are 3 photos attached .How do you analyze these stains? I need help discussing these results.

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... separation of the proteins by size worked as well. Now that we know the SDS-PAGE technique went well we can proceed to think about the other and more interesting results.
2- This is your first protein sample. It shows many bands that span many molecular weights. The intensity of the bands can be used as an indication of amount/quantity. That is, darker bands imply more protein of a certain size. Do not asumme that because there is a single dark band that the band is only composed of a single type of protein. It may be that there are several proteins of very similar size that migrated together. I can see that there is a band right on the endge of the well where the protein was loaded. This indicates protein that never migrated. This might be because the proteins where very large but can also happen if very concentrated samples are loaded. Because the concentration is high the pores of the gel might get slightly clogged.
3- I think this is a duplicate of the sample in lane 2 because the band pattern is very similar and the quality of the band pattern is very similar as well.
4- This lane seem to have a different sample from that in lane 2 and 3. The bands are more blurry which usually indicates protein degradation. You can see that the overall lane is darker than 2 and 3, there is protein!, but the structure of the band patter is less defined. However, I am inclined to think that the source of the sample is the same because, although blurry, the band pattern is very similar to that of lanes 2 and 3.
5- I think this lane is a duplicate of lane 4 because the band pattern is very similar and the quality of the band pattern is very similar as well.

What is important about this image?
a- The SDS-PAGE technique worked
b- There are 2 different samples but probably of the same origin (organism).
c- One of the samples seems to be of less quality than the other.

The Western blot technique uses the ...