Myosin Action Versus Kinesin

Myosin action differs from that of kinesin in that one of the kinesin heads is always in contact with a microtubule, whereas both myosin heads become completely detached from the actin filament. How are these differences correlated with the two types of motor activities in which these proteins engage?

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...actin when detached. Myosin heads are like paddles that reach out and pull the proteins forward. Myosin cycling from attachment to power stroke to detachment and back involve both of the large binding head domains acting in synctium. Myosin motor activity is limited by the distance dependent constraints of the sarcomere. The muscle must be able to respond quickly therefore many fast myosin actin reactions propelling forward as a team is more efficient than if just a few were to move along the tubule. What I mean is that myosin is more of a protein "sprinter" but rather than the 50 meter dash its more like a 50 micrometer dash. Kinesin in comparison is better suited for a marathon type of action. Kinesin is important both for axonal transport of vesicles and chromosome separation during cell mitosis. One or two kinesin proteins "walk" along the ...