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I cant figure out what i am suppose to do for this assignement that we are to do. it says to apply each lab that we have done in the class to our career . for example the lab on osmossis and diffusion how would i make three applications for that lab?

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...osis is the movement of water across a semi-permeable membrane that blocks the movement of salts or other solutes. When two water volumes are separated by a semi permeable membrane, water will flow from the side of low solute concentration, to the side of high solute concentration. I have included in the attachment "Figure 2" which demonstrates this process.
<br><br>The flow may be stopped, or even reversed by applying external pressure on the side of higher concentration. In such a case the phenomenon is called reverse osmosis.
<br><br>There are many innovative engineering applications of osmosis and diffusion, which include the purification of seawater for drinking, kidney dialysis, and medical instrumentation. I believe your lab is asking you to explain a few applications in industry or technology that make use of these processes. I will cover three in some detail for you:
<br><br>Desalination of seawater: A modified "reverse" osmosis
<br><br>Removing the salt from seawater to obtain drinking water is an important application of osmosis for many costal communities. Desalination is the process of removing dissolved sodium chloride (NaCl) from seawater. This is accomplished through a modified
<br><br>osmosis process known as "Reverse Osmosis". The idea is to use the membrane as a very fine filter to produce drinking water from salt water.
<br><br>Recall that 'Reverse Osmosis", simply means using pressure to force the water across the membrane against ...