Basic knowledge about mastitis

MASTITIS : definition, susceptibility, classification and causes.

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...tis remains prevalant in most of dairy herds.

Mastitis is a highly complex inflammation of mammary gland resulted from various factors such as bacteria, viruses and fungi along with stress reduced resistance, shape of udder and teat, inheritance of animals, environment including milking and feeding system.

Factors which precipitate mastitis in commercial and non-commercial herds are as under
1 quality of water
2 heavy rainfall areas
3 methods of drying
4 oestrogenic fodder and oestrus.
Susceptibility : All breeds of dairy animals
including cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep
and mares are susceptible to mastitis.
However the heavy producers like exotic
breeds (28.57%) crosses(9.91%) are more
prone to suffer from mastitis than the
Indian Zebu cattle.Further the incidence