Here is a problem:

Go to this or other histology links you might find:

These all have either cartoons and/or histology sections of all the important primary and secondary lymphoid organs that we talked about. Click through their sections, readings, and animations of primary and secondary lymphoid organs. In particular:

1. Try to identify a central arteriole, the surrounding PALS, and follicle in the spleen. In your post assignment entry, describe in your own words how these 2-D images relate to 3-D structure.

2. Be able to locate the cortico-medullary junction in the thymus. See if you can find different sections so you can visualize the 3-dimensional structure of the organ. List differences you notice about the cortex versus the medulla.

3. Notice how the architecture of lymph nodes differ from spleen, relating this to their differences in how lymphocytes enter and exit.....see your text for details on this. Summarize these different traffic patterns.

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