Transport across the cell membrane (Diffusion, Osmosis, Facilitated Diffusion, Active Transport).

How do substances (ions, proteins, ligands etc. etc.) cross from one side of the membrane to another?

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...e a difference because it serves as a barrier to separate and define the intracellular (inside cell) and extracellular (outside cell) space. Separating the intra- and extracellular space is also a core component in the definitions of life.

Diffusion - This method of moving substances utilizes potential energy stored in a gradient. Dissolved particles will want to move down their concentration gradient (move from a region of higher concentration to lower). If free to do so without hindrance it is called SIMPLE DIFFUSION.

Osmosis - This ONLY occurs for WATER. It is an example of simple diffusion. Water will move from a region of lower solute concentration (or higher water concentration) to a region of higher solute concentration (or lower water concentration). So next time someone tells you that they ...