Discussing Vaccine Types

What kind of vaccine (live, dead, whole, viral protein, etc) would be the best for a virus that causes a mild disease in individuals with a heavy cytolytic response and severe to individuals who produced a primarily antibody response? Ideas are generated.

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...e of inducing both the humoral (antibody) and cell-mediated response.

Attenuated (avirulent) virus: These viruses have lost the ability to cause disease but retain the ability for transient replication in the host. Because of this, such vaccines provide prolonged immune-system exposure to the individual epitopes (antigenic sites) on the attenuated organism. Therefore increased immunogenicity and memory-cell production often requires a single immunization. These vaccines tend to produce humoral and cell-mediated immunity

Inactivated (killed) virus: Generally accomplished by inactivating the virus by chemical means. It is no longer able to replicate and can be thought of as "dead" (even though viruses are not really classified as living things to begin with).
Unlike the attenuated viruses they cannot replicate in the host, therefore the vaccinated individual is not exposed to these viruses for long before they are cleared from the body. For these reasons these vaccines generally require "booster" shots or repeated shots. Furthermore, these vaccines are less effective at generating cell-mediated immunity for many of the ...