Preparing a Statement of Cash Flows using a Worksheet

Smith Resort: Completing a Cash Flow Worksheet.

Please see the attachment for full details. The Problem Data can be found on the 3rd tab. The Cash Flow Worksheet is on the 2nd tab.

To complete a Cash Flow Statement you must have comparative Balance sheets, the Income Statement, and some additional information to assist in the analysis.
The Income Statement and additional information are on the Problem Data tab.
The Balance Sheet amounts are on the Cash Flow Worksheet.

To complete the worksheet:
*Enter analysis entries in Column D and F.
*Label each analysis entry with a letter (a, b, c, d, ...). Put the letter labeling each analysis entry in columns C and E.
*(You are to enter formulas in the 12/31/14 balance column (Column G). For the formula you must take the beginning 12/31/13 balance and add or subtract the analysis entries in columns D and F.

The correct 12/31/14 balance is shown in the Column labeled Check Figure (Column H). After entering all of the analysis entries (in Columns D and F) the balance in the 12/31/14 Balance column (where you entered the formulas) should equal the number in Check Figure column if the entries in the analysis columns are correct. If the 12/31/14 Balance column does not equal the Check Figure, either an analysis entry is missing or the amount is incorrect.
Sum each of the analysis columns. The balances should agree.

Part II: Provide a short written analysis.

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