Principal's Liability for Agent's Torts

Please help with the following problem found in the textbook: Business Law: The Ethical, Global, and E-Commerce Environment 13th edition written by Jane Mallor, A. James Barnes, Thomas Bowers, and Arlen W. Langvardt (2007). Please answer questions in detail.

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Solution Preview court that he has provided sufficient training to employees and has closely supervised the staff then he may not be held responsible for sexual harassment charges that may be leveled against him.
? Do you think respondeat superior makes employers liable for too many acts of their employees? Does the rule discourage some businesses from using employees? Does any discouragement affect both prospective employers and prospective employees?
The rule of respondeat superior makes employers liable for too many acts of their employees. It also forces the employers to closely supervise the employees, take care that they do not commit torts and lay down compliance issues very clearly. Yes, the respondeat superior encourages several business persons to employ contractors so that he does not get vicarious liability for the acts of the contractor. Yes, the discouragement affects the prospective employers by encouraging them to keep more independent contractors and it also forces prospective employees to seek independent contractor 'positions'. These positions normally are less well paid and do not have the benefits that normal employment positions have.

? Do you think the law should make employers liable for all the torts of their employees?
No, the law ...