Spence Soup Co. - Accounting Transactions

Spence Soup Co. uses a process cost system to record the costs of processing soup, which requires a series of three processes. The inventory of Work in Progress?Filling on July 1 and debits to the account during July 2006 were as follows:

Bal., 1,800 units, 1/3 completed:
Direct materials (1,800 * $4.72) $8,496
Conversion (1,800 * 1/3 * $2.10) 1,260

From Cooking Dept., 120,000 units $570,000
Direct labor 101,564
Factory overhead 152,200

During July, 1,800 units in process on July 1 were completed, and of the 120,000 units entering the department, all were completed except 2,000 units that were ¼ completed.

Charges to Work in Process--- Filling for August were as follows:

From Cooking Dept., 140,000 units $669,200
Direct Labor 121,480
Factory overhead 182,000

During August, the units in process at the beginning of the month were completed, and of the 140,000 units entering the department, all were completed except 2,500 units that were 3/5 completed.

1. Enter the balance as of July 1, 2006 in a four-column account for Work in Progress---Filling. Record the debits and the credits in the account for July. Construct a cost of production report, and present computations for determining (a) equivalent units of production for materials and conversion (b) equivalent costs per unit, (c) cost of goods finished, differentiating between units started in the prior period and units started and finished in July, and (d) work in process inventory.
2. Provide the same information for August by recording the August transactions in the four-column work in process account. Construct a cost of production report, and present the August computations (a through d) listed in (1).
3. Comment on the change in cost per equivalent unit for June through August for direct materials and conversion costs.

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