PowerPoint Presentation about future Inventions

Slide 1: Description of the new product
Slide 2: Description of the importance of R&D to include lead users and market research
 Slide 3: Discussion of appropriate structure and culture necessary to support innovative ideas and products
 Slide 4: Exploration of future inventions inspired by the product
 Slide 5: Analysis of future innovations of this product (Was this a successful invention leading to innovation?)
Slide 6: ROI, shareholder value, economic value added analysis, or a SWOT, on innovation
 Slide 7: ROI, shareholder value, economic value added analysis or a SWOT, on invention
 Slide 8: Brief description of the benchmarking process as applied to this company (What problems with
performance measuring can be encountered?)
 Slide: 9 Prediction of product demand in five years
 Slide 10: Conclusion
 Slide 11: List of sources using APA guidelines

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