Standard Construction, Inc. Contracts to Build

Standard Construction, Inc. contracts to build a store for totally Chocolate Company, with TCC's payment it cannot pay SCI on time in this situation, who is in breach of contract and why?

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... on time. Does the contract indicate a certain date when the SCI should be paid? Perhaps payment was going to be rendered at the end of construction, or before work begins(?). In order to determine breach, full details of a contract must be provided.

For example, some attorneys handle cases (e.g. auto accidents) and clients contracted, need not pay them for the entire length of the case, until the settlement period, which may be years thereafter when the case settles in or out of court; and counsel receives a percentage of the settlement. Likewise, some contracts stipulate when payment should be rendered, and good contracts indicate what will happen if the payment is late. For example, a credit card ...