Ten Notary Signing Agent Example Exam Questions

Ten important questions for the "Notary Signing Agent Certification Exam" with information provided by the official Certified Signing Specialist Code of Conduct.

1) Does a notary agent regularly record all acts at closing?

2) The new Closing Disclosure as of October 2015 replaces what?

3) A buyer/borrower expresses concern about the purchase; you should:

4) Showing up to a meeting that has been rescheduled links to:

5) What to do if one asks you to email copies of documents?

6) When meeting with a borrower, a Notary Signing Agent that has over 10 years experience should:

7) Explain 'Right to Cancel' + 3 day rule?

8) Who completes the Notarial Evidence Form?

9) What is one's dress code or correct attire for a notary agent?

10) What are the most important documents in a transaction?

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