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How can a work or student group be successful? What should be considered in a diverse group? Discuss the impact of groupthink and how to avoid it?

In at least 200 words.

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...setting goals and meeting those goals. It requires being able to face adversity, and meeting challenges aggressively and with integrity.

What should be considered in a diverse group?
1. The teacher must recognize any biases or stereotypes that he/she may have absorbed and do something to minimize or completely forget about it but rather use it to treat and handle the students better.
2. Each student must be treated as an individual and must be given respect regardless of his/her gender, race, place of origin, sociocultural group.
3. Teacher must rectify any language patterns or case examples that exclude or demean any groups, e.g., use terms of equal weight when referring to parallel groups, e.g., use men and women rather than men and ladies.
4. Be sensitive to terminology as it changes over time and as ethnic and cultural groups continue to define their identity.
5. Gather feedback from ...