Business Communications: Technological Aspects

Discussion Question 1

There are many ways to create documents for work - written by hand, with the assistance of technology, and even verbally. For documents created using technology, has this improved communication in the business world (or not)? If it has improved communication, list specific examples. If not, also list specific examples.

Discussion Question 2

Many business reports reference technical data. What are some examples of business reports? What types of technical data may be referenced? How do you present this data? Does presenting this data, in visual form (chart, graphic, table) help, or hinder, the reader's comprehension of the report? Should a legend be provided for visuals you provide? Why is a legend useful?

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...r to spell check and correct grammar. If you hand write a paper and discover typo, then you have to use liquid paper to correct your mistake and then write in the correct spelling. This is very messy and will make the document look unprofessional.

#2) It is nice for people to have references within their report, it is very complimentary. For some people, seeing data visually is the best way for them to understand. For others, they need to read a text and see the visuals to get the full picture.
For example, let us say that your report is discussing how people prefer different cars. Your report can go into written details on the findings - however, it would be eye catching and easy for people to processes to have a reference to the data. In this case, it might be nice to have a visual chart to compliment the text. We can have a bar chart which would show visually what percentage of people ...