Calculating task-related information

The table below shows the tasks required to assemble an aluminum storm door and the length of time needed to complete each task.

Task Immediate
Predecessor Task Time

A None 32
B A 43
C A 12
D A 23
E B, C, D 15
F E 25
G None 20
H F, G 5

Suppose a cycle time is 90 seconds.

(a) Compute the theoretical minimum number of workstations.

(Round your answer up to the nearest whole number.)

TM = workstations

(b) Compute the outputs.

(Round your answers to 2 decimal places, the tolerance is +/-0.05.)

The maximum output?

units per hour

The minimum output?

units per hour

(c) Compute the efficiency.

(Round your answer to 2 decimal places, the tolerance is +/-0.05.)

Efficiency = %

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