Charter Document and Accompanying Schedule

Prepare a charter document with a schedule in MS Project for approximately 40 tasks:


You have been appointed as the Project Manager of a team for a work project that involves moving a firm of 5 accountants and 5 support staff from an office in Fortitude Valley into the City. The Partners of the Firm have requested that you produce a project scoping plan (or Charter) identifying major issues and how you intend to undertake the project. You are required to clearly define and scope the project as you see it. You may be a firm of removalists; or perhaps you are a team of office fitters who are doing the moving and the fitting; perhaps you are a firm of project managers and you are hiring the removalists and fitters. This accountancy firm is moving from old offices to new large premises with new fit out. Your business case and governance strategy are to be determined by you and this should be explicit in the Foreword of your Charter Document. The foreword should be no longer than 200 words and is not counted in the total words for the Charter document itself. You are required to put in a reference list at the end of your document appropriate to the size of this document eg 1 reference per 200-300 words. No references are required for the Scenario Plan part of your work but of course they are necessary as support for the management decisions you make. The Charter should be approximately 3 pages. The Schedule should be an MS Project File. Elements that may be included in your Charter include but are not limited to:

— Title
—Client organisation (required)
—Project Manager (Optional)
—Problem/Opportunity (required)
—Business benefits (required)
—Assumptions (required)
—Stakeholders (required)
—Constraints (required)
—Deliverables (required)
—Success Criteria (required)
—Scope of Work (required) both in scope and out of scope
—Milestones (required)
Budget (in a time frame)

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