Classifying Industries

I have to do 150 to 200 words each. Hoping to get 2 - 3 sentences each and only 200 - 250 words total. Thanks!

Listed below are 10 industries. Classify each one as (a) emerging, (b) rapid-growth, (c) mature/slow-growth, (d) stagnant/declining, (e) high-velocity/turbulent, or (f) fragmented. Do research on the Internet, if needed, to locate information on industry conditions and reach a conclusion on what classification to assign each of the following. Defend your conclusion by giving reasons for your answer.

Health care industry
Dry cleaning industry
Energy drinks, sports drinks and vitamin-enhanced beverage industry
Camera film and film-developing industry
Wine, beer, and liquor retailing
U.S domestic airline industry
Retail banking industry
Retail bookstore industry
Computer video games industry
Newspaper industry

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