Communication in an In-Person Meeting

Communication should always be designed with the audience in mind. You are called upon to present quarterly sales information in an in-person meeting to a group of stakeholders that includes managers, salespeople, and customers. In a 1,050- to 1,200-word paper address the following questions.
a. What are audience characteristics you need to consider?
b. What communication channels would be appropriate and why?
c. What are some considerations that you must keep in mind given the diversity of the audience?
d. What would you do to ensure that your message is effective?

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...e ranked along a continuum of richness, where those considered as highly rich channels are those that handle multiple inherent cues simultaneously such as those using several senses, nonverbal cues and feedback. A face-to-face or in-person meeting is considered extremely rich. The following communication channels are going to be good for the in-person meeting on sales information:
1. Face-to-face meetings are considered the best because complete use of all senses and continuous feed back are allowed. Whenever there are non routine business activities such as analyzing markets and business strategy, planning new products, negotiating issues, and solving or resolving problems, meetings are the most effective channel of communication. Face-to-face meetings also provide a synergistic effect that always improves the outcome of the actions of the team or organization. The collaboration efforts are often worth the time and expense of using this kind of channel.
2. E-mail messages deliver the information fast and efficiently. It is good to be used primarily in routine contexts such as sending a memorandum to inform the managers, sales people, and the customers of the meeting that is going to be held for the sales info presentation.
3. Telephone conversation is a somewhat richer channel as it allows for immediate feedback and would be very good to get important, immediate responses. This choice is highly contextual and it is an important way of doing business. Many people often carry cell phones so that they can get important messages wherever they go. The telephone can be used to inform and to remind the audience concerned of the meeting that is going to take place.

c. What are some considerations that you must keep in mind given the diversity of the audience?

In a multi-cultural society where speakers need to respect the diversity of their ...