Communication: What is a draft? When is it no longer a draft? Revision vs editing

1) To create a professional document, do you first create a draft of your work? What is a draft? How do you move from one version of a draft, to the next? How do you know when you work is completed, and is no longer a draft?

2) While writing, is a revision and an edit of your work the same thing? Different? Explain.

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...get the ideas out, to flesh out the answer, and to give some content to shape and change into a finished essay. Most of the time, a number of drafts need to be written in order to get the final essay. Sometimes, the writer has really thought through his/her ideas and planned well and needs to write only one draft that he can edit. When one has the first draft, he/she can leave draft alone for at least a few hours, or a few days then come back to it again and begin second draft where he/she has a fresh eye, more understanding of and control over the material. The first draft is generally messy and repetitive and full of mistakes but it is fine as its purpose is ...