Conditions, Structure, and Team Organization

Determine the necessary quality assurance details related to your approved project. These details will define the project conditions, structure, and organization.

Raising money for charity for a wildlife sanctuary. This sanctuary will be home to displaced big cats (i.e. lion, tigers).

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Solution Preview ensure daily takes are at the goal level.

Offer discounts to groups and senior citizens
Project Constraints
[Example: Triple constraint variables (cost, time/schedule, and scope). Are there any possible limitations? List all that apply.]
• Design/Permits/Securing of Land
• Low table sales/Low ticket sales/Low funds raised
• Decreased bank funding/Decreased donor funding/Decreased grant funding
2 Project Structure Approach
1) Approval Process
a) The board must always approve the fundraising for any project.
b) The goal of the project must be set at this time to allow all to meet it.
c) Once approval and monetary goal is set, the project can begin.
2) Design
a) The design of the project is the next step, as we know what the project is and what is needed to get there.
b) The architect will now design the look of the sanctuary. Once this is complete, the fundraising team can present philanthropists with an outline of the project, including a visual of the proposed facility.
c) Permits will be needed to secure funding. A donor will not make a donation if local government approval has not been obtained.
3) Team
a) Now that one and two have been met, a fundraising team must be compiled. The team will discuss strategies and deadlines in reaching their goals.
4) Partnerships through Fundraising
a) Now the fun begins. The team must now ...