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Format and finalize your final analysis for Kenneth Dailey of FMC Green River. The final version should contain information from your incremental work in each unit and additional analysis of two new topics which are:

Organizational Change
Organizational Development

The steps of analysis are the same as those explained in unit 1 with one slight change in the content for step #1. Your document must also be a single version that combines elements of your earlier analytical work.

Step #1 Introduction and Background- notice the content in this step is different for this final paper. Rather than introduce the topics, you will briefly describe the pertinent history of the organization, including its mission, vision, goals, objectives and strategies.

Step #2 Organizational Analysis- provide the analysis of the 13 course topics. You may utilize sub-headings to ensure all 13 topics are analyzed.

Step #3 Alternatives and Recommendations - provide recommendations for the 13 course topics. Again, you may utilize sub-headings to ensure all topics are covered.

Step #4 Implementation with a Contingency Plan- include the implementation plan, considering the process of implementing the changes for the 13 course topics.

work submit this week represents the version given to Kenneth Dailey and must: 1) include all necessary revisions to earlier work, and (2) be of the quality necessary for submission to a client.

Final references and Insight is deeply
appreciated,thank you.

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Solution Preview to the corporate and business units. Besides that, its main aim is to increase the resources fruitfulness. This strategy plays a major role in arising and fostering a unique competitive image (Wilson & Gilligan, 2005).

//The analysis of the organizational behavior of the company is the most important aspect of the whole discussion as this will enable the reader to understand the major problems in the organizational behavior of the company. With this understanding, the reader will be able to frame the effective recommendations for the improvement of the organizational behavior of the company. The analysis of all the issues is done under the heading of organizational analysis.//

Organizational Analysis of FMC:

The organizational behavior analysis of the company is the most important aspect of the whole analysis of the company. In the organizational behavior analysis, a series of organizational aspects are analyzed in which the site manager Kenneth Dailey wants to do some changes for better working of the organization. The main aspects analyzed in this analysis are related to the Green River unit of the organization. The main aspects included in this analysis are management ability, organizational commitment, job satisfaction, job design & goal setting, performance appraisal, pay, carrier development, groups and team work, leadership, communications, organizational structure, organizational culture, organizational change and organizational development. The brief description of the given organizational aspect is explained as under:

Management Ability: For the successful performance of the organization, it is an essential requirement that the personnel of the company do their jobs according to the required level of performance expected from them. The working abilities of the employees in any organization can be improved by taking effective steps for the selection, emplacement and training of the employees. The FMC Aberdeen unit of the company follows a rigorous process for the selection of the employees. The unit appoints only those employees who have both personal and technical skills to improve the management ability of work. In comparison to this, the Green River Unit does not have appropriate management ability as it has huge mass of employees. There is a great requirement of proper recruitment and training policies for the employees in this unit. As the unit has several varied plants, the employees are also required to have technical skills according to the related working plant.
Organizational Commitment: The organizational commitment means the allegiance between the employees and the organization. The commitment becomes effective when the employees provide good beliefs for the organization and put their best contribution to raise the performance of the organization. In the organizations, there reside two types of commitment such as affective commitment and continuance commitment. The Aberdeen unit of the FMC has affective commitment of the employees. In comparison to this, in Green River unit the commitment is not appropriate. Though the unit provides the highest wages to its employees but it is require more training and career opportunities to have a good commitment with the employees to resolve their problems (Harris & Hartman, 2001).
Job Satisfaction: For the establishment of an effective organization work environment, the employees should have full job satisfaction. The most satisfied the employees are, the best is the performance of the company. In the Green River unit, the employees are not fully satisfied with the work environment. In contrast to this, the employees at Aberdeen unit are fully satisfied with their working conditions. In Aberdeen, employee selection is done on the basis of their personal skills. There are no conflicts between the unit and employees. The Green River unit just wants to improve its productivity and for this, the company satisfies its employees through the highest wages. They are not given other benefits and this gives them job dissatisfaction. This way of job satisfaction is an extrinsic way.
Organizational Ethics: The organizational ethics include the practices of the management exercised with the employees. The management of the Aberdeen unit has great social responsibilities towards the employees. On the other hand, in Green River, there are not policies for employees' motivation. There is no communication between the employees and top management. At the employee level, there is no trust at all. The working sites at Green River are dangerous and there are no means of safety for the employees by the management. The Green River unit also requires having some degree of organizational ethics as Aberdeen.
Job Design & Goal Setting: The Job Design of the Green River has a very simplified task structure which just aims to increase the production level of the company. This job design does not give any kind of job satisfaction to the employees. This design does not suit the employees. For the fulfillment of the goals of the company, the unit only has provision of the highest wages to the employees which is only an extrinsic way of motivation.
Performance Appraisal: The performance appraisal is the best instrument to improve the employees' performance and their organizational commitment. The Green River unit does not have effective performance appraisal policy. In Green River, the performance appraisal of the employees is done on the basis of increased productivity. In response to this, the employees are only given monetary appraisal. There is no involvement of employees in the decision making process and the interaction between the management and the employees is also negligible. The problems of the employees are not expressed freely by them to the management. The appraisal is not done on the basis of the performance.
Pay: The pay system of the Green River unit is not appropriate according to the employees. The unit only pays the employees according to their working hours, not their performance. Though the payments given to the employees by the Green River unit are the highest one among all the units of the company, yet the employees are not satisfied at all. This is the extrinsic manner of employees' motivation. There should be skill or performance based appraisal.
Career Development: The organizational structure of the Green River is not direct forward. This is required to have more career opportunities for the employees. There can be more generation of the career development. The Green River unit runs large number of plants simultaneously and the employees working at particular plants are given training only according to their related plants. In case employees are transferred to the other units, they are not able to work at the different plants. This reduces the career opportunities for the employees (Harris & Hartman, 2001).
Group & Team Work: For the FMC Green River unit, the formation of the proper work groups and teams is a very critical challenge. The company has no proper training programs which hinders it to establish a work group of employees. The workers of different plants of the company are given different training. The employees' selection is also ineffective. In contrast, the Aberdeen unit has a very effective recruitment process and the employees are given training in work groups after selection. For formation of work groups, the Green River unit is required to have an effective training policy.
Leadership: The leadership is the most important factor of the organization behavior which makes the subordinates work in the best way for the achievement of the organizational goals. In the Green River unit, the managers follow the autocratic leadership style. All the authorities and decision making powers are centralized to the managers. The mangers have no motivation tools for the employees other than higher wages. On the other hand, in Aberdeen unit, the employees are given full job satisfaction and appropriate performance appraisal system.
Communication: For the effective organizational behavior in any organization, the most essential element is effective communication channel. The Green River unit only forwards all the messages and decisions in downward ...