Discussing Women and Hiring: Do Women get All the Breaks?

Details: Imagine that someone you know says they are tired of women getting the breaks in being hired.

Respond to this person bringing in your knowledge of the laws and the recruitment and selection process. Add the ethical point of view to your discussion.

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...I applies to private, federal and state workers with 15 or more employees (Georgetown Law School, 2004). This protection covers the hiring, training, promoting, firing and other aspect of employer actions related to employees. Over the years since Title VII was past the Act continues to strengthen by giving further protection to other protected groups. Amendments were added which created the Equal Employment Opportunity Act in 1972.

While it might appear that women are "getting the breaks" in being hired, if the company was in violation of this law and discriminating against the male gender in its hiring process, the company would be in violation of this act as well as the Equal ...