Human Relations: The Importance of Etiquette Training

Etiquette training for people in high-level business positions is more popular than ever. How would you explain the popularity of such training in the recent era? Give examples.

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... out of the office, and the principles of business travel and other tools they need to support the corporate's image from inside out. If one embarrasses herself/himself in business and social situations, then he/she may lack the self-control necessary to be good at what he/she does. It is important to undergo a training in business etiquette since it is about presenting oneself with the kind of polish that shows one can be taken seriously. It is also about being comfortable around people (and making them comfortable around you. The success of any business requires that their people be trained social and business etiquettes as many potentially worthwhile and profitable alliances have been lost because of an unintentional breach of manners.

Everyone should always consider etiquette as important especially in work environment where friends and family who would cut one a lot of slack when ...