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If anyone can assist me in compiling a PAA- Personal Application Assignment. The headings for the PAA have to be in APA format. In the abstract section, there has to be at least two different concepts or theories that relate to the experience and it has to be in reference to Argyris and Schon's Theories. I will attach guidelines. Thank you.

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...loyees that had made sexual harassment charges and had difficulty finding a job after they were dismissed. His thought made me think. How unjust the situation was. First, the victim gets harassed and then she suffers if she complaints. This was a violation of the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964! Patricia should go to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission!
However, from the perspective of Patricia, I felt that such a move would only bring more embarrassment and unwanted attention. Embarrassing questions would be asked, her character would be questioned and even her family would come to know of it. She would have to explain the sexual harassment to one and all. Even though the EEOC provides protection against her being fired, she would have a difficult time at the office. The brass would hate her and would wait and watch for any aberration to pounce on her.
From the perspective of the financial controller, it seemed acceptable that she was removed from the department and from the building. He would not see her. He felt that Patricia had exaggerated a mild joke and construed it to be sexual harassment. He felt that he was not guilty and that Patricia was gunning for him because he had given her a lower increment last year. But he had given her exactly what she deserved. He gave her what her scores showed.

Abstract Conceptualization:
Argyris and Schon say that people hold maps in their heads about how to pan, implement and review their actions (Argyris, C., & Schon, D. 1978). However, few people are aware that the maps they use to take action are not the theories they support (Argyris, C., & Schon, D. 1974). I do not think that Patricia is woman who would support the ...