In 650 words explain the four questions about transformational leadership

Transformational leadership is one response to the challenges of 21st century leadership. Your post should include the following:

1)Explain what is meant by "transformational" and how it might relate to motivation.
2)Describe the characteristics of transformational leadership.
3)Provide at least 2 examples of ways transformational leadership is used.
4)Provide at least 2 examples of how transformational leadership differs from transactional leadership.


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...e only asset that can be made to appreciate in value by giving them warmth, respect, approval and by creating a climate of positive expectations. They are the courageous visionary leaders committed to create an exciting future for themselves and others. They motivate people and transform them and the company as well. Transformational leaders provide extraordinary motivation by appealing to follower's ideals and moral values and inspiring them to think about problems in new ways. They can motivate followers by making them more aware of the importance and value of their tasks and the need to place them ahead of their own self-interests.

2) Describe the characteristics of transformational leadership.

a) Charisma - one of those leadership qualities that is hard to define. One feels it as it experiences it. A leader who has charisma can easily inspire, motivate people to do as they are expected.
b) Vision - It involves the creation of a compelling picture of the future that is a desired future state that people identify with. Once this vision is created, the leader provides a means for people to develop commitment which is a common goal around which to rally and a way for people to feel successful.
c) Intellectual stimulation - Transformational leaders show new ways of looking at old problems ...