Managerial Decision Making: Case of the Ford Pinto

Visit the website and read the article concerning the Ford Pinto. How did the decision making process help to create the problems for the Ford Pinto? Do these decisions represent optimizing behavior or satisficing on the part of Ford? If you were Lee Iacocca, would you have decided differently? How? 200-300 words APA format.

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...l tank was identified at the pre-production stage, but the management did not consider it gravely and allowed for the production of Ford Pinto. The model was not fulfilling the federal standards; yet, the company's management did not focus on implementing the changes in the design of the car. Due to collision of the car model from the backside, many accidents occurred and affected the lives of the people. Then also the company did not stop the production of Ford Pinto. These decisions represent the satisfying behavior on the part of Ford (Dowie, 1977).

If I would be Lee Iacocca, I would have decided ...