Maslow Theory

All employees of an organization need to be motivated. In 500 or more words, describe and explaining Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Additionally, explain how organization would apply Maslow's hierarchy of needs to programs and practices that the organization might follow to satisfy those needs.

Please use only internet references/links and provide me the references/links so that I could refer to it if needed. do not use book.

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... needs are also important to human beings. They pertain to security, protection and stability and in the workplace; examples of these needs are job security, safe working environment, retirement, seniority, pensions, insurance, and hospitalization. However, a person needs to satisfy his physiological needs before he can move to the next level of the hierarchy.
3. Social needs refer to man's need of belongingness, love, affection and other examples in the workplace are instances where employees are given the chance to work in groups, team-based projects, and social events. Friendship is very important to humans as they are inherently social and friendly creatures. Being deprived of this need for affection will prohibit the individual from moving on to the next levels.
4. Self-Esteem needs are the need for the esteem of others which includes respect, recognition and in the workplace; a worker appreciates recognition for a job well done. Humans need to be praised, encouraged, affirmed and even words of gratitude can make them happy and motivated.
5. Self-actualization is the last level and the pinnacle of achievement. This need will differ for each individual. Everyone has her/his own goal and one individual may feel that maximum potential is to become a ...