Media Coverage

Visit the Web site of a major corporation (major corporations would include members of the Fortune 500) that posts its news releases. What are some of the topics of these news releases? Why do you think these topics were selected for news releases? In what style are the news releases written? What other information does the company post on its Web site that is particularly directed to journalists? Now try find out if information from any of the news releases from the Web site actually was printed in a newspaper. How did the newspaper revise or expand the news release? Why did they do that? Be sure to provide the link to the newsroom of the corporation's Web site you checked.

And then

What outside groups (e.g., labor unions, environmental groups, civic organizations, etc.) oppose either the company you researched above its products or services? Why? What activities have these groups undertaken to make their views known (e.g., strikes, demonstrations, petitions, etc.). How have these groups generated publicity for their views regarding their opposition to the particular company or product? In what ways has the company responded to the actions of such groups? How have both sides used the news media on the issue? What public relations activities would you advise the company to use to effectively counter its opposition? Why? What public relations activities would you advise the opposition group to use to be more effective? Why?

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