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1-The following table give an inventory of people's locations and purchases of type of lenses at EYE-WEAR:
# of people Cities West Burbs. East Burs
High-Index 700 500 400
Plastic 800 700 300
Glass 300 800 400

What is the probability that if a particular pair of glasses is selected at random that it will be....
a) High Index?
b) From the Cities
c) From the West and is not plastic?
d) From the West given that it is glass?
e) Plastic knowing that it is from the East

2-Jule decided to buy a minor league base team from Paul. Each time she rents the stadium, she is charged $8000. From pas experience, she can expect that on a rainy night only 2000 will attend the game, on a clear night 2500 will attend, on a hot muggy night 3000 will attend, and on a warm clear night 4500 will attend.

The weather service predicts that rainy nights occur 22% of the time, clear nights 32% of the time, hot muggy nights 21% of the time, and warm clear nights occur 25% of the time.
a) If she charges $4 per person, what can she expect to earn each game?
b) What is the breakeven ticket price that should be charged?

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