Negotiation process for homes, commercial real estate

1. You are in the process of negotiating a commercial real estate transaction and your brother is in the process of negotiating a residential real estate transaction. Your brother says "the process of negotiating my home purchase and your commercial building purchase is exactly the same." You chuckle and explain to him that the process does have some similarities, but there are myriad of differences. Your brother asks you to explain the procedural differences between these two types of negotiations. What will you tell him?
2. Compare and contrast the options for resolving conflicts that arise out of changes in your personal or professional responsibilities.
3. You have just decided to purchase a new home. How will you go about evaluating the financing options for this home? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of your options?
4. You have recently found yourself in looking for a new job outside your current organization. Describe your plan for marketing yourself on the external market.

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