One of the strongest instincts that a person possesses

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"One of the strongest instincts that a person possesses is the survival instinct. This is where I would begin the approach from transitioning from leadership through cost control into differentiation through rapid customization of products. However, I would not simply rely upon the survival instinct in and of itself, and would never mention the word "survive" at all to any employee. Rather, the best approach to foster the needed change at the company would be to get the employees thinking in terms of steadfastness and self-assurance in their actions that would lead to better products that serve the needs of the customers. Even more importantly, to do so in a way that involves everyone at the company at every step, such that no one is left with the impression that they are not important or that their time and efforts cannot be adapted to the change. Of course, this will take time and patience to successfully and fully implement."

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