Organization that believe has executed optimal strategic moves

Using the Hoover's or LexisNexis library databases, select an organization that you believe has executed optimal strategic moves to strengthen its generic strategy.

these are the learning objectives
•Identify whether to pursue offensive or defensive strategic options
•Discuss the timing for strategic moves
•Outline complementary strategic options
•Review the challenges and benefits of the complementary strategic options

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.... Because the company also offers a 365 day return policy, customers don't have to rush to decide if the product is appropriate or not for their desires.

In addition, the company has established the most customer service friendly call center in the entire industry or within any industry for that matter, which allows customers the autonomy to call at any time of the day and subsequently speak to a live customer service specialist within the department that works in America at the company. They offer recommendations, listen to problems, and are even willing to direct the person to a competitor if the competitor has the merchandise that the person is looking for and Zappos' can't provide it. The strategy operated by Zappos is to provide consumers with the same experience that they would get if they were actually shopping at a brick and mortar location, which is similar to brining the store to the consumer wherein they are able to get exactly what they want while shopping within the comfort of their home. To accomplish this feat, the organization had to ensure that ...