Organizational Behavior Conflict and Change - DB 3 paragraphs

The organizational analysis consists of four elements (i.e., Introduction and Background, Organizational Behavior Analysis, Alternatives and Recommendations, and Implementation with a Contingency Plan). Select one of the elements and explain why it is the most important element of the analysis.

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...berdeen's employees that how they interact within the departments and organization. A healthy organizational behavior increases the productivity and efficiency of the individuals so they can achieve the organizational goals. If a company adopts participative management strategy, the employees of the company can give their best contribution to the organization (Morrison, 2008).

Organizational behavior analysis can be understood at the four levels such as individual level, interpersonal level, group level and inter group level. Organizational behavior helps the managers in many aspects like as in making an efficient and effective use of power and authority, leadership, communication etc. Organizational behavior helps the managers to face ...