Organizational Change

I need help answering the following questions. Please answer in detail because I am trying to understand how it can have an impact.

1.Describing the affects of organizational change on projects and the assigned project management team.

2. The potential impact of organizational change on virtual and global teams.

Please cite and reference any outside sources used.

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...l issues as well as possess sound managerial skills.

There are also times that a project gets stuck and if the implementation of the plans gets stalled for a long time, there might be a need to cycle back to an earlier phase to update and restart the change management project. Overall situation changes that are suddenly new can be one of the reasons that a project can get stuck and people succumb to burnout and a few of the results are key people leaving the organization and the relationship between consultant and client change or some people might refuse to implement action plans.

To summarize it all, sponsors of change projects, project managers or change projects and those involved in change project teams, have a big problem when it comes to the effects of organizational change on the project management team and as well as the project itself. Recent research studies have shown that sudden changes in the organization can become a big contribution to the failure of a project and project managers must be aware of its uncertainty and they must have the ability to deal with potential issues and problems as well as possess managerial skills needed for the implementation of the project. Many times a project gets stuck and might eventually be terminated because of recent and sudden changes that project managers find it hard to handle and overcome.

2. The potential impact of organizational change on virtual and global teams.

Virtual and global teams are comprised of individuals based all over the world but may not have actually met each other face to face. It is an organization ...