Performance Evaluation of Employees

Think about the many activities involved in effectively supervising employees. In many cases, new supervisors learn these techniques from on-going training or in some cases, by trial and error. The major issue for any new supervisor is whether any individual can know all of the events that may occur in this role.

Please assist with writing a plan to evaluate the work of employees as follows:

- Select a minimum of three management tools or techniques to evaluate an employee's performance.
- Create a table that includes characteristics or components of each tool or technique (table rows) and a scale from 1(poor) to
3(excellent) (table columns).
- Evaluate the tools or techniques that may be successful for planning and monitoring employee activities by marking each
appropriate table cell where a characteristic and a scale value intersect.
- Analyze how the planning process could be different based on the span of control the supervisor has, the industry in which the
supervisor and employees operate, the skillset required of the employees, and the diverse needs of individual employees.

References: At least five (5) resources. In addition to these specified resources.

Length: 5-7 pages

Use current APA standards.

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