Project Management

1 What are PM triple constraints? Assume you have just completed a project and met all project goals except cost. How would you explain to the project stakeholders the results of this project? What would your recommendations be to meet all the constraints in the next project?

2 What are some performance measurement systems? Identify three additional potential measures of your project. Why are these measures not selected for your project?

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...ts of the triple constraint. This prioritization is used throughout the project by the project mangers to properly plan the project, evaluate the impact changes and guide the project to successful completion. The change to one component of the triple constraint should be evaluated for an effect on the other components. In other words, it is unlikely that one component such as time can be changed without impacting other component(s), such as cost or risk. In this case, if all project goals are met, except for cost, the project is not successful. The project might have produced what it was set out to do, but it went over the budget, and stakeholders will not be ...