Quality, Team Effectiveness, Employee Development

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1. How can an employee be motivated by quality awareness?

2. How does the free flow of information impact team effectiveness?

3. Why is employee development essential to the organization's goals and objectives?

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... to employee involvement, and employee motivation is associated with increased involvement and shared problem solving and working towards meeting the organizational quality measures (http://www.synout.co.za/pdfs/Quality%20Awareness%20for%20the%20Team.pdf).

2. How does the free flow of information impact team effectiveness?

Team effectiveness is positively related to the free flow of information. Information flow is an important issue because a team's ability to solve problems is generally limited by its ability to communicate with other people, sharing ideas and information. Open communication and a free flow of information provide the team with timely information necessary for flexibility and freedom to perform and make the decisions that need to be made. They could not do this when information is blocked or not available, especially information that is required for timely and effective decision making. Successful organizations facilitate a free flow of information to all members. Teams that have a free flow of information to all members are more likely to be on the same page and avoid barriers to effective communication. In fact, team effective depends on shared information, goals and purpose, which is to glue that, keeps a team together. A free flow of information also fosters open communication as all members have access to the same information, and especially access to the information that they require at a specific time. Open communication between members is essential to team effectiveness. Highly effective teams communicate openly and often, based, at least in part, on ...