reporters, publications, and electronic media

I would like to know what reporters, publications, and electronic media (television and radio) regularly- pick a profession, company, or industry that interests you and research the reporters that cover it. What are the names of the reporters who have written stories about it? How long have they been in the business and what other publications or television or radio stations have they worked for? What are the types of stories that interest them? Why? Do the reporters have beats (i.e., an area that he or she regularly covers)? What other kinds of stories have the reporters that you've researched been assigned to that are not about that company or industry? Why do you think they work on such other assignments? What are the reporters' phone numbers or e-mail addresses (available on most newspaper and television Web sites)? How do they prefer to be contacted (phone, e-mail, fax, snail mail--again the information is often on the Web site)?

Remember to think beyond your local community. There are trade journals, for example, that many companies would rather have stories in than in their local newspapers. I'm not looking for quantity (a lot of reporters), I prefer quality. Pick two or three reporters or publications (or combinations thereof) and provide some meaningful information about them. In the response to the above question(s), please elaborate and provide background. In other words do a mini-biography of the reporters and publications you've researched. Tell me why they are good reporters and media to target for your public relations efforts.

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