Speedy Racer Corp: What is the amount of the annual sales figure when evaluating this project?

Speedy Racer Corp. currently sells 18,000 motor homes per year at $40,000 each, and 6,000 luxury motor coaches per year at $55,000 each. The company wants to introduce a new portable camper to fill out its project line; it hopes to sell 12,000 of these campers per year at $10,000 each. An independent consultant has determined that if Speedy Racer introduces the new campers, it should boost sales of its existing motor homes by 5,000 units per year, and reduce the sales of its motor coaches by 2,000 units per year. What is the amount to use as the annual sales figure when evaluating this project? Why?

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...bout from there.

We have to reflect the sales amount changes to first case to realize the project's real effect.

For example analysts say motor home sales increase by 5000 units and luxury coaches' sales decrease by 2000 units.
These were ...