Strategic Compensation for Employers

All references and citations used must be in APA , when directly quoted or paraphrased works of others is used in any manner, the writer is obligated to properly cite the source of the original narrative.

Article Review

Employers have the right to decide what benefits to offer which employees other than those legally required. Some
employers choose to provide benefits only to full-time employees, while some choose to include part-time employees in
their benefit plans. Read the following article:
part-time/story?id=14805107. Summarize the benefits that each company provides to part-time employees. Discuss the pros and cons of offering such benefits to part-time employees. If you were responsible for making the decision of whether or not to provide benefits to part-time employees what would you do, and why?

Your review should be at least
500 words in length and should be formatted using APA style. Use your own words, and include citations and references as needed to avoid plagiarism.

Course Textbook
Martocchio, J.J. (2013). Strategic compensation: A human resource management approach (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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