Team Charters: Dispute Resolution

Review the following Team Charter:
Team Ground Rules and Guidelines

1. Meeting Team Assignment Deadlines: We will post our individual portions early enough to allow the team adequate time to coordinate the final project and post it for final team review. Prior to start of the project, a timeline will be established to ensure each person stays on task. Each member will post his or her individual assignments within the group on time and within the specified time agreed upon by the team. No submission of new individual material is allowed after Sunday noon (AZ time) so that all material can be properly proofed. Failure to turn in individual material will mean that the team member will not receive credit for the team project.
2. Communication: The Learning Team forum is the primary means of communication. It is the responsibility of each member to keep current with all postings in the forum. If necessary, the team will use alternative methods of contact; such as email, IM or phone calls. Check in to the Learning Team forum often or after the workday. Anyone who has not checked in after 4 days should expect a call. Your personal business is the team's business if it affects deliverables/assignments
3. Computer problems are not considered an accepted excuse for lack of communication or not submitting assignments. Each team member should have a back-up plan to deal with computer difficulties.
4. Team meetings: As a team, we will organize team meetings online, prior to and during each project, in order to allow each member to participate
5. Respect for others: We will do our best at conveying ideas and offering constructive criticism. Each member will be respectful of other members and their work and opinions. Comments are not to be punitive or demeaning of a team member's intelligence or contribution.

Expectations for Time Management and Involvement
(Participation, communication with the team, accessibility, etc)

Each team member will complete not only their portion of the assignment, but will also brainstorm, critique, and assist each other so we can provide quality work in a timely manner to which we can all be proud of.

Apply the best of my knowledge for team success. Specifically, develop an understanding of the dynamics of working as a team member and providing leadership.

As a team we should all work together to complete all assignments well within due dates. Our team will function as a team with each member producing quality work highlighting our individual talents that will directly benefit our team.

Provide the best individual effort for a quality team project.

Create an atmosphere by which each team member can comment on each others work in a constructive manner and offer ideas that will better the assignments as a whole.

What to do if a team member cannot be reached or isn't participating to the satisfaction of the team?

The facilitator should be notified.
Said team member's name will not be added to the team assignment.

Special Considerations
What do you, as a team, agree will make this team experience different from past team experiences.

Communicate. Communication is the "key" to successful relationships, whether it is at work or personal lives. It is the essential ingredient in working with teams. If a member is not able to submit their deliverables on time, they should advise the team so that we can have the opportunity to work around this.

Required: Is there enough information provided in the section of dispute resolution? What strategies could be used to provide stronger strategies?

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...s as needed after consensus is reached
- Seek advice from facilitator as a last resort

Before any particular project gets on the way define the expectations of the individuals within the group. A team leader should be selected or elected. This individual through their leadership will help in this endeavor. Once each individual knows what is expected of them then there is no confusion going forward. This step is critical because the goals of individuals within the group must be clear if the team as a whole is going to have a chance of succeeding.

Communication among team members is also critical especially if all team members are located in different locations. This can be done a number of ways as defined above. Due to its speed, ...