Telebank Call Centers Operating Socio-Technical Systems

Discuss how the Telebank Call Center operates as a socio-technical system. Please be sure to address the following issues, along with presenting any other ideas about this concept that you find interesting:

How would you describe the organizational structure at the Telebank Call Center, in terms of the traditional categories? To what degree can this company appropriately be described as a "machine"?

What would you say are the major components of its technical system? Of its social system? Are there any major features of the organization that you would put outside both the technical and social systems?

What kind of control does management have over the technical system elements? Toward what ends or goals? What are some effects of exercizing that control?

What kind of control does management have over the social system elements? Toward what ends or goals? What are some effects of exercizing that control?

Are there any interesting interactions between the technical and social systems that affect their management?

All told, is the concept of the organization as a sociotechnical machine really beneficial and useful as an organizational metaphor, or is it simply a set of word games? Or something in between? Why, in either case?

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... of automation is not appropriate. An organization categorized as a "machine" is one that human decision making is the exemption and not as the rule. In spite of its high degree of mechanization, Telebank Call Center and its organizational structure emphasizes that the machine and technology it employs are there to aid its human workforce in doing their functions. Hence, Telebank Call Center is only a machine as it pertains to how automated its processes are.

From the analysis of Telebank Call Center's organization, processes and systems, there are three major components of its technical system: software, hardware and know-how. The software component runs the hardware component of the organization's technical system while the know-how is what makes both the software and hardware components work. These technical system components continuously work with each other that a change in other triggers the change in the other two. On the other hand, its social system has two major components: individuals and culture. Of these two components, the more dominant is the culture. However, Telebank Call Center's culture or of any organization for that matter is the result of several factors including the organization's hiring, training and development, and compensation systems which can be affected by individuals within Telebank.

A major feature of the organization that is outside both ...